Paws down, the employee of the year.

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  • Walter Zanetti

    una meraviglia…..grandi……….

  • Clay Johnson

    Customer on the toilet aisle. “WHERE IS EVERYONE? F U BUB! We have a dog to play with.

  • Tanya Wicht

    I live not far from a supermarket – one of the employees used to park in front of my house, and give my previous dog treats, as she was super cute, very small long haired dog, people would often open the gate and let her out – and she would run up to the supermarket, so the guy kept treats there for her… which really discouraged her from doing it – NOT! (She was regularly picked up by the pound, which is really expensive – arsehole neighbours would not stop doing it though, kept saying, no one would phone the pound, she is tooo cute – there is a reason I f*cking hate most people.)

    • Raedwulf

      wtf? Neighbours actually let your dog loose? Maybe time to spread the ‘joy’, send them the receipt, request payment. ( of course you’ll need to get pics)

      • Tanya Wicht

        It was over a decade ago now – I am still angry though, although the main one died… not my fault… really…

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