Stupid things we say

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  • Arse Clown

    these are great

  • Vava

    I was chatting with tech support and the guy had a name I’d never heard before. I googled where it was from. 10 minutes later when he made a remote connection, that google page was the first thing he saw. I had to melt the computer down and move.

  • Mym Zy

    Downvote for the last one, I Furging hate that meme… /die

  • Fobia(Kadin)

    Last one was asking for it. That’s not a slip, that’s an assumption


    The mannequin one got me pissing my pants….

  • Karen

    Last one was just being a presumptuous jerk.

  • Mounty1103

    and angela bassa got promoted after that

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